Экзамен по английскому языку, 4 класс - Лексико-грамматический текст. Степени сравнения прилагательных


3. Степени сравнения прилагательных

1. Jack is ____ boy in our class.
a) fast   b) faster   c) the fastest

2. Mr. Brown is _____ than Mrs. Brown.
a) old   b) older  c) the oldest

3. This cartoon is ____ than that one.
a) interesting  b) more interesting  c) a) the most interesting


4. Jane is a ____________ girl.
a) beautiful   b) more beautiful   c) the most beautiful


5. He is ______ football player in our country.
a) good   b) better   c) the best


6. Giraffes  are ____ animals in the world.
a) tall   b) taller   c) the tallest


7. This car is ____ than that one.
a) expensive  b) more expensive   c) the most expensive


8. Cats are ___ than dogs.
a) small   b)a) smaller    c) the smallest


9. It is ____ day in my life.
a) bad    b) wose   c) the worst


10. Her cat is ___ than mine.
a) fat   b) fatter   c) the fattest


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