Экзамен по английскому языку, 4 класс - Лексико-грамматический текст. Времена глагола



2. Времена глагола. Выберите правильный вариант.

  1. Jack and John ___________ coffee very often.
    a) drink   b) drinks   c) has drunk
  2. Mike _____ a new song yesterday.
    a) listened   b) listen   c) listens
  3. My father  ____ football matches every evening.
    a) watched   b) watches   c) watch
  4. Clare _____ badminton next Friday.
    a) played   b) plays   c) will play
  5. He ____ never ____ the pyramids.
    a) see   b) have seen   c) has seen
  6. _____ you often _____________ your granny?
    a) do... visit    b) does ... visit    c) have...visit
  7. They ______ their work yet.
    a)didn't finish    b) won't finish   c) haven't finish
  8. _____ Jerry  ____ his teeth every day?
    a) does...clean   b) has... cleaned    c) did... clean
  9. His sister _________ at the sports ground every day.
    a) jump   b) jumps     c) is jumping
  10. The cat ________ now.
    a) won't sleep     b) doesn't sleep   c) isn't sleeping


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