Экзамен по английскому языку, 4 класс - Чтение


II. Чтение

Внимательно прочитай и переведи текст.


Dear friend,

My name is Jack. I'm thirteen years oid. I live in Manchester with my parents and grandparents. My father works in a bank and my mother is a doctor. She works at the hospital. My grandparents don't work. I have no sisters and brothers.

I go to school and I want to be a teacher. My favourite subject is French. I like to play computer games very much. My friends and I like to play football at our school sports ground.

Best wishes,



Рядом с предложениями 1-5 напиши True, если высказывание верное и False, если высказывание неверное.

  1. His name is Tom.
  2. He is 14.
  3. He hasn't got a grandmother.
  4. He wants to be a teacher.
  5. His friends like to play computer games.


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